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Transportation & Logistics Solutions

70 Years in Business
500,000 Square Feet Under Roof
Transporting Over a Billion Pounds Yearly Over Millions of Miles

Transportation & Logistics Solutions

70 Years in Business
500,000 Square Feet Under Roof
Transporting Over a Billion Pounds Yearly
Over Millions of Miles

Less Than Truckload

When it comes to LTL freight, you want a shipping service you can trust.

We make sure that all of your products are properly handled during the entire transit process. Products are methodically consolidated into palletized to prepare for shipment and prevent damage. Ensuring that your products stay safe and intact is our priority.

Full Truckload

Hassle-free, affordable solutions for shipping. We’re dedicated to providing shippers in the Northeast region with exceptional full truckload services.

If you need to ship a full truckload, we’re here to make the shipping process seamless and simple.

Warehouse Fulfillment

CTX Warehouse Fulfillment offers numerous value-added services in fulfillment that ranges from a carton to 100 truckloads.

We are set up to process your orders and handle your product distribution, from 10 orders a month to 500 a day.

Ready to ship?

Ship faster and reduce costs with CTX freight, transportation & logistics management services in the Northeast.

Rail Siding

For the right company, rail can translate into huge savings.

CTX has the ability to accommodate up to 10 rail cars at one time at our rail dock.

Our rail siding allows our customers to cross-dock their product to the end user without excess transportation costs.

Last Mile Delivery Service

Our Services accommodate customers with special needs.

Primarily, these deliveries involve unique capabilites, including lift-gates and additional manpower for inside deliveries.

Supply Chain Management

Our 500,000 square feet of strategically placed distribution space gives us the opportunity to support Just in Time (JIT) operations for manufactures throughout the New York City metro area, Philadelphia metro area, and Boston metro area. 

We possess adequate facilities to warehouse our customer’s raw materials and finished goods until they are ready for shipment to distributors or end users.

For more than 70 years, CTX has successfully served the toughest market in the country – the Northeast region. With our unique distribution solutions, CTX thrives in a market where most trucking companies refuse to tread.

Serving the Northeastern Region

Within 5 miles of Manhattan, 5 miles of Philadelphia and 10 miles of Boston, CTX operates three facilities with more than 500,000 square feet of warehouse and distribution space.

• New York – Metro
• Philadelphia – Metro
• Boston – Metro

• Massachusetts
• Rhode Island
• Connecticut
• New York

• New Jersey
• Delaware
• Pennsylvania
• Maryland

Truck Driver Jobs

CTX Group is always looking for the most talented and professional drivers to become members of our growing family. CTX employs both local and regional drivers with Class A and Class B licenses, who can operate from our Moonachie NJ, Delran NJ, and Avon MA. If you are interested in a long term career, consider making CTX your home.